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Welcome to Twitchstats Advertising. Twitchstats is the leading statistics webpage for We provide you with the best solutions to reach more viewers and advertise your brand.

VIP Membership

VIP Membership is the best way to access what Twitchstats has to offer. As a VIP Member, you will be able to access areas and statistics that is locked to normal visitors.

You will have unlimited access to every page on Twitchstats. Here are some of the perks of VIP Membership;

  • No external ads.
  • Access to full subscriber data.
  • Only way to Access to Cheers Earnings.
  • Access to Channel Chat Logs.
  • Get a Streamer you want tracked by Twitchstats. (Subs, Logs and Cheers)
  • Access to all future features...
Full Details... Only for 4.99$ a month...

Personal Streamer Upgrade

Every day thousands of people visit Streamer page on Twitchstats. Upgrade your Streamer page and reach thousands of viewers directly.

This upgrade turns your stats page into a personalized channel. Instead of showing a static image, visitors will be shown your live channel. This way you will gain new viewers and improve your channel with more views. And when you are offline, visitor will be watching random videos from your channel.
Only for 1.49$ (5 cents a day) a month...

Banner Advertisement

Advertise with us your product, your channel, your game or your team with a banner in all of our pages. Reach thousands of Twitch enthusiast and gamers.

The banner will be shown in each and every page on Twitchstats. There are 4 different banner option to choose from. You can choose 748x90 or 380x60 banner size and you will be able to upload your own banner.
Starting from 5$ a week...

What we do

Twitchstats provides the most accurate and most detailed Twich statistics on the net. Thousands of people visit Twitchstats every day to check out Twitch Streamers, games and Teams. We will help you reach thousands of potential audiences around the globe.

Easy and Simple

Advertising on Twitchstats is as easy as 123. You do not need to know any technical skills. Let us handle everything and you just focus on the important stuff.

Secure and Fast

Your account is perfectly secure with us. Our partners and PayPal makes things safe. You will login with your Twitch.Tv credentials. Twitch tells us who you are and We take it from there. The payment are completely handled by PayPal. In short, you are safe with US.


Our Ads are all designed specifically to have the most impact on our visitor. They provide the best performance for you and your viewers.


All the Ads on Twitchstats will be shown to visitors 99% of the time since ad blockers cannot and will not block these ads unlike third party advertising networks.


Reach people over all platforms, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Our ads and website is perfectly tailored for any and all modern devices.


Our prices are super affordable. You can advertise on Twitchstats by paying pennies a day. There is no middle-man to deal with, access your target audience directly.

What we do

  • We use authenticate to sign up and login. You will need a twitch account to be able to use our services. This is done to make your account more secure. There is no personal information or password kept on our servers. It is all handled by auth so your mind can be at ease.
  • Our payment process is done by PayPal. PayPal is the most trusted and secure payment service in the entire world. Again, this way your account is completely safe.
  • Personal Streamer Upgrade is our most popular and simple solution. A simple upgrade will turn your streamer page into a second channel for you. It is a subscription based service. You will pay a monthly fee until you cancel your subscription which can be done anytime.
  • Banner advertisement is a great ad solution to none streamers on Twitchstats. This way you can promote your product, your company or your page to thousands of twitch fans all over the world. Our visitors are very specific and targeted which gives you high success rate on your campaign. This solution is pay as you go. Use as much as you can, whenever you can.
  • Pop under solution is the most targeted ad solution for Streamers. This way, when you are online any visitor to Twitchstats will be sent to your channel. Since it is a very focused and targeted solution you do not waste money when you are not online and get charged only per unique visitor. This solution is pay as you go as well... Giving you total control.

Vip Details..

  • VIP membership is the full access to Twitchstats. Normal visitors can only access partial data for subscriber list and no access to Cheers Earnings and Chat logs. VIP members have full access to all these features.
  • All this data only includes Streamers that are being tracked by our sub tracker and full list of these can be seen HERE.. You can also see an example of the data presented on one of the most famous Streamer's page HERE..
  • Full Subscriber list includes all the details for the Streamer. It will show monthly sub count, daily sub count and who subbed with what kind of sub type(Twitch Prime or Regular sub), re-sub months and it will show the Sub Message if it exists.
  • As a VIP member, you will be eligible to get a single streamer completely tracked by Twitchstats. Tracking will begin in 24-48 hours after your subscription and will continue until you cancel your sub. Twitchstats will track and show subscriptions, cheers and logs.
  • As a third party website, the accuracy of these data cannot be guaranteed. 100% accuracy would be impossible to get. However, confidency level for this data is over 90% and it is as accurate as it can be.

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